How to Keep Your Fonts Organized

There are many programs on the market to help you keep your fonts organised. Depending on the number of fonts you have, different programs may be better for you than others. It also depends on what you want from a program.

The most basic way to keep your fonts organized is via your own PC. You can keep them all together in a separate folder on your C drive or on an external hard drive. you may want to keep your fonts organized via bundle or type. This unfortunately does not give you the ability to look at your fonts at a glance or compare font types side by side.

Below I will give you a short overview on 4 of the most popular font organizers on the market.

Nexus Font

With Nexusfont you can manage and browse your fonts.

You can compare fonts to each other.

You can group fonts in folders.

I have grouped all the different bundles together so I can refer back to where I got a specific font from.

You can also print your fonts or select fonts in different sizes along with different text. you can also tag fonts into categories ie- calligraphy serif etc

You can also print your fonts or a selection of fonts.

For someone who is starting out this is a good place to begin. The program is free to download and easy to navigate.

MainType by High Logic

With Maintype you can customize your layout to what is important to you by adding or removing windows.

You can scroll easily through your fonts or do a quick search to font the font you want.

When selecting a font you can view all the individual letters associated with that font, you can preview your own text to see what it will look like and also print the text.

You can create tags and folders to put your fonts in to organize them. below I have organized the Twilight bundle together so I can see what came in that purchase.

You can also look at glyphs associated with each font. This is a huge plus as when using Character maps the preview is tiny.

You can do a lot more in Maintype than Nexusfont.

Font Expert

Font Expert is another popular font organizer.

With Font Expert you can manage both installed and uninstalled fonts.

You can view and preview your fonts.

You can sort your fonts, search for specific fonts and tag and organize your fonts into groups.

You can also assign keywords ratings and categories to each font. You can look for duplicates in your font collection and print fonts.

I hardly brushed the surface with Font Expert but there are many different applications with this program.

Suitcase Fusion

With Suitcase Fusion you can preview your fonts installed and uninstalled on your PC, Organize and set folders, remove corrupt fonts, look for duplicate fonts.

You can check each font and their letters, including glyphs.

You can also integrate with programs like adobe photoshop etc, temporary add fonts for short term projects, drag and float your preview of fonts over another document.

This program is a very complex font organizer. If you use a lot of fonts and want to keep track this is a good option.

As you can see organizing fonts can be quite simple with the right software. It is all dependent on what you need to help you be organized!


Awesome! I’ve been thinking about how to organize my fonts as I’ve been collecting more over the past year. Thank you for this!

Thank you for this post, @JordynAlisonDesigns.

I’ve tried several free font managers. While I generally liked Nexus a lot, what bothered me about the programme was that it kept freezing whenever it came to fonts with a file size of 1 MB and above. In other words: nicely textured vintage fonts or brush scripts, as well as SVG and colour fonts.

At the present I’m using Fontbase. It’s lightning fast and visually appealing, with the downside that the free version doesn’t let you view all the glyphs. What I really like about it, though, is that it allows you to work with your file structure as is. So if you’ve already put a lot of thought into organising your fonts into separate folders and subfolders, you won’t have to rearrange them all again.

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Thank you for the insight :slight_smile: I’ll have to look into that one!

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Hi Jordyn,

Thanks for the suggestions on how to organize fonts. I will see which one works best for me.

Nexus Font is ok to get your feet wet but hasn’t been updated for years.

MainType is up to version 10 and supports dark mode among other features. (Something I wish the forum had, a DARK MODE)

Here is my folder breakdown. I still have a few other categories I wish I would have used and should have more designer folders. I should have broken down the crafter fonts into some sort of sub-category.

Very useful information. I have a PDF with much of this already compiled in the 3 Fontbundles/Designbundles Facebook groups’ v1.17 START HERE How to find your font.pdf files folders.
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yeah, its outdated hasn’t been updated to a modern Windows 10 version in EIGHT years.

Thank you for this guide. Organizing fonts is not a strong point for me.

Thank you so much for this!

Thank you so much for this