How to Load and Use Photoshop Actions in DesignScape

For the Photoshop tutorial :point_right: e082b97083c79a20c7141dfb9924b92f

I’m using the 986f1ec806eec9937f8e963b54d99e1a from the Plus Hub for this tutorial.

  1. Open the image you want to use. Then click Windows > Actions

  1. Drag and drop the Action into the DesignScape window.

  1. You’ll see the Actions are now in the Action Window:

  1. Find the action you would like to use. I’m using the same action I used in the Photoshop tutorial, which is the Dream Beach action.

You can see in the right History panel all the changes that have happened because of the action. In one click all of this was done! :tada: It may take a bit of time to load, but that’s normal with some of the longer actions.

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Thank you. I have atn’s that came with stuff but always figured I couldn’t use them.

oh, I missed this when you first posted it. Will this remember my uploads or will I have to upload them every time I use designscape?

I have a few PS actions and such that I couldn’t use because I don’t have PS. This will be real handy with font effects!

6f909eee6da3f6fb9a82538de0e1348a I think you will need to re-upload them each time you close out of the DesignScape browser. Since it’s internet based it doesn’t remember the things you’ve uploaded prior.

Definitely was a happy surprise when I figured out all Photoshop files work in DesignScape!! :tada:

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Interesting. I may give this a try (once I learn Designscape).