How to make a Design Mockup in Photoshop using the smart object technique

1 - Open Adobe Photoshop and place the photo you want to put your design on.

2 - Select the Rectangle Tool (U)

3 - Draw a rectangle that has the size of the item (in this case the bucket)

4 - Right Click on the Rectangle Layer and select the “Convert to Smart Object” option

5 - Lower the Opacity of the rectangle so you can see the shape of the item (bucket)

6 - Select the Warp Option from Edit – Transform menu

7 - Use the Handles and the vertical lines to shape the rectangle on the item (bucket)

8 - Optional: you can rename the layer if you intend to sell the mockup

9 - Duble click the layer and place your design

10- Remove the background ad adjust you design size

11- Save (CTRL+S / CMD+S)

12- That’s all

For this tutorial I’ve used Camping Buckets Vol II | Craft mock up Bundle from and Campers Do It In The Woods SVG that you can find in my shop on


This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing :smiley:


With pleasure! :smiley:

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This is a great tutorial! :slight_smile:

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This is such a great tutorial!! :heart:


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Fabulous! So easy to follow and understand. Thanks a ton

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Thank you for sharing this!

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With pleasure! :hugs: