How to Make a Faux Pocket Shirt

How to Make a Faux Pocket Shirt with Printable Iron On Material. Faux pockets are an underappreciated gem in custom shirts! With printable iron on material, they are super easy to create and they bring a lot of character to your shirts without using a lot of materials!

This tutorial is an overview of creating your very own faux pocket shirts from start to finish. We’ll walk you through the process of uploading a super easy image and preparing it to use with the printable iron on material, printing and cutting the iron on material with your machine, then applying the faux pocket on your shirt with optimal placement!

Design used in this video :point_down:

Paper Used in the Video: 76ce57d1a33c8d4dd7d545df0624ef2b

Here is another video we’ve done where we used Printable Iron On: 1c0d5a1fd3fd38bd3d05cd79ed2c9d85

We would love to see any creations you make! Post them below! :smiley: