How to make a Halloween Bat favour box with Cricut

How to make a Halloween Bat favour box with Cricut.

This Bat favour bag is so fun to make! An exciting and easy craft project, that kids and adults alike will enjoy making! You could fill it up with sweets and give them out as gifts at Halloween or Birthdays!

*Digital Gems Bat favour bag files.
*An electronic cutting machine such as a Cricut.
*Clear plastic / acetate sheet

Preparing the cut file to cut on your electronic cutting machine correctly:

Before you send the Bat Favour bag to cut on your cutting machine, you will need to make some slight adjustments to the file. Score lines on cut files can not be saved externally, so they will not load as score lines, they will show up in your software as cut lines, we need to change that. It’s really easy to do! I use a Cricut explore machine, so I will show you how I do this in Cricut Design Space for this example.

Firstly, when the design is loaded in Cricut Design Space, you will need to un group it. Simply right click on the design and select un group as shown below:

Now select just the bag base and the lines on top of the bag base and click attach.

Now click and select the lines we want to change to score lines on the side menu, and then change the line types to ‘score’ as shown below.
The design is now ready to cut, so now click ‘make it’ and cut out the pieces! I use card for the most of the design, but I also use clear acetate plastic, for the little oval window in the bat favour box, so you can see the sweets and they don’t fall out of the box when it is put together.

The pieces will cut out as shown here:


Now that you have cut out all the pieces. It’s time to assemble the Bat favour box. Lets start with the easy bit, the bat wings. The wings are 3 layers that simply have to be glued one on top of the other as shown below:

Now the slightly tricky bit is assembling the favour box. First we need to stick the white semicircle onto the back of the bats face.

Then we need to stick the clear plastic oval on the back of the bats tummy. I used a pva glue for this.

Now we need to bend the card on the score lines, and glue the tabs together to form a box shape, I use a mixture of glue dots and my pva glue for this part.

Now glue the back of the bat’s box body to the wings.

The Bat favour box is now complete! Fill it with sweets, yummy!!!

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That’s so cute! :heart: Thank you for sharing