How to Make a Mandala in Procreate

If you want a video tutorial click here

Mandalas are so fun to make, and Procreate makes them really easy to do.

First you will need to tap the wrench icon, click canvas, and then turn on the drawing guide.

Tap edit drawing guide and you’ll see something like this. You can do a lot with the drawing guides, but I’m going to show you how to use the symmetry tool. Tap symmetry, and then click on options. If you want to make a mandala you will choose radial, and I like to turn on the rotational symmetry.

I would play around with the different symmetry options to see what you like best!

You will see your layer is now ‘assisted’. If you want to make a new layer, you will want to tap on it and click ‘drawing assist’ so that it will follow the same guidelines.

I do this sometimes when I’m not sure of an addition and want to see how it looks - and if it looks bad I can just delete the layer instead of undoing a bunch.

Draw your design and when you’re done you can click the wrench and turn off the drawing guide!