How To Make A Monogram In Cricut Design Space

Ensure that your files have been downloaded and unzipped to use.

Note: Fonts (OTF/TTF) are system files that must be installed prior to using in Design Space:


How To Make A Monogram In Cricut Design Space:

1- Open Cricut Design Space:

2- Select a frame shape in Images on the left toolbar then click on Insert Shape:

3- Once your frame is in the Design Space, select the Add Text icon in the left toolbar, select your font up in the Font toolbar and type the letters you want for your monogram.

4- You can change the font, try different ones by selecting your font from the drop down box. I am using the a7b805142e0cc2ae1da88c34d7044f5f. It’s currently available for Free on our site 4a4ebde50ceca0501172f8ab94f00eb7.

5- Ungroup the text to separate the letters by clicking to Unlock the letters:

6- Move the letters around to fit into your frame, make sure the middle letter is bigger as this is the feature letter of the monogram:

7- Group the letters together buy selecting them and then click on Group at the top right-hand side, then select Attach at the bottom on the left, to join the 3 letters back together again as one layer. This will also be helpful when cutting as the 3 letters will all cut together in order on their mat.

8- Click on the Cricut Make It button and your image will appear in the cut screen, check to see you are happy with the image and then follow the prompts to cut your file:


Thanks for creating this helpful guide.

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