How to make layered cardstock projects with a Cricut

  1. The First step is to upload the SVG of the layered cut file you are using to Design space. I will link the designer I used below. Her designs are absolute genius. You will love them. Once you have your design on your canvas, click the design to select it, and reduce the size to about 8 inches, so you can see all 5 layers on the screen. With the design set still selected, click “ungroup”. Now, click “select all” (or, draw a box touching all 5 layers to select all of them). Click “align”-> “center”. Now, with your layers all centered, enter the size, either into the heigh , or the width, that you would like the finished project to be. You can pull your layers apart now, and play with the colors, until you have the layers the colors you would like to cut them.

  2. Click “Make now”. The mat screen will come up, load the corresponding color of cardstock to the layer you are cutting to your mat, and cut. (I personally like 65lb, recollections brand from Michaels. It cuts well, is inexpensive, and comes in a ton of great colors). I use an older green mat for cardstock, or, I also like an off brand you can find on Amazon, Nicapa. The Nicapa mats have perfect adhesive for cardstock projects.

  3. Remove your layers from your mat. Slow and steady, Kind of lightly bend the mat, so the cardstock pops up, then slowly peel the cardstock up (try not to use a right angle, the more you bend the cardstock while you are removing it, the more it will curl. Slow and steady wins the race.

(Pro tip- To remove cardstock bits from your mat, use an old credit card, or a stiff ruler, and scrap it right off. Super easy.)

  1. Once you have all of your layers cut, Start with your top layer, and flip it over, so the bottom is up. Take small pieces of Glue dots (I like Zots brand), roll them into little balls and place them strategically on the layer.

  2. Flip that layer right side up, and adhere it to the layer below. I like to press around and make sure it is well adhered.

  3. Flip upside down, and repeat with glue dot pieces on the underside of this layer.

  4. Flip right side up, and again, smooth down the layer to make sure it is properly adhered.

  5. Repeat until all layers are adhered.

This is the designer that the file used on this project is from. If you like this style, check her out. You will LOVE her files. SVGs HERE --> ab913c5a7913de65adceab2e34f24f1d

That’s it. Easy Peesey :slight_smile:


Great tutorial Sarah, thank you for sharing! I have been hoping to give this a try soon :heart: :heart_eyes:


Thank you Amy!

d53c6238d9581ad530413cca3fe90bdd I LOVE what you use for glue! I’ve been using foam squares cut into teeny pieces! :heart:

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It really works well. I tear them into the right size I need for the area I need to fit. I have considered trying m
ounting tape, but this has been really effective.

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The mounting tape works great- except in narrow places!

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I think I’ll order some, and see which I prefer. The small spaces are really easy with the bits of glue dot. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

Definitely will, thank you! :heart:

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Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing :blush:

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Thank you!

Thanks for the tutorial, Sarah. That looks amazing! :heart_decoration:

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Thank you <3 They are super fun!

fabulous tutorial! I have not tried the multilayered initials. would be great gift on a mirror!

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That is a great idea!

Awesome I cannot wait to try this, thank you.

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Thank you for this! Love these 3d layered mandalas.

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I’m new to cricut so I should have probably found an easier project to start with, however I saw this and I was hooked. I’m getting confused with the directions. Are you able to give me some more detailed directions? Thanks

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This looks Great. I’m going to have to try. Thank you for the step by step.

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so much fun :slight_smile:

Same! I’m hooked!