How to make moving graphics like the ones in design bundles emails?

i love the simple moving graphics with words etc that design bundles sends out in its emails. anyone know how those are made? what programs are used to make those? thanks for any thoughts

Hi 4d5fc8f27f07e9ed929488859220266e I know you can make animations using Adobe After Effects. I used this software a lot when I was in college for Web Design & Interactive Media. I am not sure what other software allows animation. =)

Hi Jen! You can make GIFs in a lot of programs :slight_smile:

  • Here is how to make a GIF in Photoshop: da50e8793303dc2ae3b605f85ded63d4
  • Procreate: 183fc1e7184be97af1e3e9999a373c94
  • Canva: 5499929179a7f0e1fc460685008365f4
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ok. Now I have to try this. Thanks for asking the questions, 468cf4121fc8f0906ae531a82d299578 and for the the links, cebb897fc0db990d6f5c8395580c6c23!