How to make Santa Lost button

I would be grateful if anyone could help me to do a Santa Lost Button design for Brother Scan N Cut as a SVG.
I am in middle of doing my crafts for Christmas to Raise fund s for Blood Bikes.
I can do most things but a t a loss to best way to design this…
Thanks Heather

Hi 63dac71edda2e76a8f7e748604834d4e . I had to look up the Santa Lost button as I had not heard of/seen this before. Do you have an example? What type of craft will you be doing (paper, vinyl/decal, etc.)?

I was thinking of printing the button design on photo matt paper 200gsm, then using grey board to make the button need to make 4 holes in the middle of button to thread red ribbon through them. not sure what size to make it !!
I have done door hanger with keys a friend made for me, thought the addition of Santa’s lost button would add that something extra. .I like to do different every year.
Regards Heather

Can you please show any image so I can understand better what exactly you are looking for

Thank you for your reply find image attached of button design

These are what I have done to print , but need to know how to do the buttons out of grey board on Scan N Cut then stick these on and will glaze to make more like shiny button and tie ribbon through the holes in the middle… will these be too small for cutting will I need to increase there size!
Regards Heather

These are the buttons I m doing, think these may be too small for Scan N Cut to do in grey board, these are to stick on the grey board which would be the outline of the button and the holes in the middle for ribbon hope this helps!
Regards Heather