How to open an SVG file with the free Studio Basic Edition

1- To use an SVG file in Silhouette studio free edition we need to convert it from an SVG to a Jpeg.

To do this I use a free program online called 7f788145a0e202d6ba39e0d243ff75d4.

Load the program and then click on choose file.


2- Select the SVG you want to use and click on open. I am using an SVG from the 661312ee73e01523dde3a19d576bb336


3- Next select what you would like the file converted into. I have selected Jpeg.


4- Enter your email address so the link to the file can be sent to you.


5-Click convert. It will take a few seconds to process and then you will get a message to check your email.


6- You will receive an email. Click on the link provided in that email.


7- The link will take you to Zamar again but this time there will be a download icon to click. This will download your converted file to your PC.


8- Open silhouette studio.


9- Find the downloaded file location and open it.


10- The SVG file is now converted into a jpeg in Silhouette.


11- As you can see tho in the send screen that the file now a Jpeg, has no cut lines. We will need to create these.


12- Go into the Trace panel and trace your image. If you have several colours to trace use the colour by trace to recreate your SVG image. If you are unsure how to use trace by colour check out this tutorial 4d74602130677702696ea58b8fa8a86a.


13- Once traced, you can go back into the send screen to cut your image.