How to Organize SVG Files for Beginners

Regardless of what craft or machine you are using, organizing your files is essential to not only your sanity but your efficiency in your work. We’re going to cover the basics today using Windows 10 as an example, but these principles can be applied universally. We also have a really awesome tip for how to preview your SVG files as thumbnail images, so don’t skip out before the end!

At about the 12 minute mark, Becky shares how to view the SVG files as designs instead of a Chrome or Internet file. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing the video!

Of course! I hope it helped! :heart:

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Thank you, starting from 0 and going and hopeful by the first of the year I will have everything put in the right folders.

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You got this 44bb695d2eac013071ddcd007c104ea8! :tada:

Hi Jordyn is there a way to preview svg files in iPhone?

Ooh great question! I’ve just checked my phone and I’m not seeing a way to make the icon show the design - I can click on it and it shows the design but the icon preview is still black. For now, I’d recommend keeping the PNG or JPG with the SVG so you could view that. Hopefully this is something that iOS devices will be able to do soon!!

Was always wondering how to organize my files. This was a great video that has helped me. Thank you for the share.

I’ve watched your video a number of times and have tried to get the svg explorer extension. However, it doesn’t change anything. I still just see the Google Chrome logo unless I open each file individually. What am I doing incorrectly?

i just installed and it did working fine.
did you checked on large icons size ? (usually list size(small size) icons only shows chrome icons.)