How to record your screen on your iPad with sound and without sound

Did you know you can screen record with voice on your iPad?

First let’s check your settings to make sure this feature is turned on.

Click on the Control Center and then click on Customize Controls

You will want to make sure Screen Recording is enabled if you see it in the list with a plus sign click on the plus sign to bring it to the “included” list


Next go back out to the home screen. You will want to open the control center by swiping down diagonal from the right corner. then you will want to hold down on the record button to bring up the settings.

The items in the yellow box are the options of where you want to save the completed recording. I have selected to save to photos. The microphone at the bottom is where you can turn the sound on and off. Simply click on the icon to turn it on.

I want sound in my recording so I have turned the sound on then you will click on the Start recording box.

You will see it countdown from 3, 2, 1 before it starts. When it starts recording this box will disappear.

At the end when you are finished recording you will want to open the Control Center again by diagonally swiping down from the right corner. Here you will click on stop recording. Your video is now ready and you can find it in the spot you saved it :slight_smile:


Great tutorial! Thank you


You’re welcome! :smiley:


Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I didn’t know I could put my microphone on! This will be perfect to make tutorials with!

I always had the sound from the video or whatever I was screen recording, but not my voice. Thank you d1b737b07f14b61e5de6fcd5eae17ff0 :hearts:

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This is incredible!! Thank you for sharing!

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You are welcome! Excited to see your tutorials! :heart_decoration:

Happy to help! :heart:

I use the video screen capture all the time on my iPhone showing how to find a font with Find my Font.



This is super helpful for those of us trying to navigate the new virtual teaching world! We are learning more than our students at this point!

I had no idea you could turn on the microphone, thanks!