How to remove texture from rough fonts in SCAL4

*note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open up the SCAL4 software.

2- Type your text in the font you would like to use. I am using the font Lonsdale from This is a great font but with all the texture, a cutting machine will have an issue cutting all the tiny piece in the font. So we need to be able to remove those texture parts.

3- Select your text and go to effects then shadow layer.

4- A new window will appear.

5- We need to pretty much replicate the text so in the size select 0.010 inch. Then select black out shadow icon. Click OK.

6- The shadow layer will be created. click and drag the original text off the shadow layer.

We now have a copy of the text but without the texture, tho the middles of the text are not there either.

7- To fix the issue of the missing middles of the font select the original text then go to object, break apart.

8- This will break apart all parts of your text. The middles of the letters appear to disappear also, you but they will be located when you hover over the text with your arrow.

9- Select each of the parts of the text you want to use in your shadow layer and drag them down to the shadow layer. Place where they need to be located.

10- Select the original text again then right click and delete as we do not need it any more.

11- Select all the shadow layer and middles of letters together and go to object then merge.

12- The middles will cut out of your shadow layer leaving you with the same text as the original text but without any texture and small cut lines.

13- If you go to the preview screen you can see that the cut lines are for the text and there are no texture parts left to cut.