How to Start A New Project in DesignScape

Wondering how to get started in 22afbabfae066d467437fc5efafdcadd?
Follow this tutorial on how to create a New Project!

Step 1- In the Plus screen click Design Scape.

Step 2- Click File.

Step 3- Click New…

Step 4- Adjust your settings to the size you would like your New Project.

Step 5- Voila! You’ve started a new project!

I’d love to see any projects you create!

Happy Crafting! :smiley:

Hello, I just joined and purchased a photo. However, when I attempt to add it to design space it still has the watermark checks behind the pics, am I doing something wrong? Are you the correct person to ask? Please HELP lol


Hi Samantha. You may want to post your question in the DesignScape forum as a new topic. =)