How To Sublimate A Watch Band

Want to learn how to sublimate a watch band without a template? I’m going to show you how easy it is as well as how to assemble the watch band. So sit back and watch how to create and assemble this DIY sublimation watch band!

Design Used in This Video :sunglasses::point_down:

We also have this tutorial on 001f1e8aa33850a7c4a8fe368ccd3632

Now to buy a sublimation printer because this is cuteeeeee :smiley:

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Haha right!? I was like… ooohhhhhh!!! :heart_eyes:

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I got some fancy colors, but I hate the silicone and this looks like leather?

Ohhh they are! I just went into the video’s description and it had the link to the blank watch bands. It says they are a leather-like material. So my guess is faux-leather. :slight_smile:

I really wanna get some to sub now… LOL

I really need to break down and get a printer!

I converted an Epson 2720 to a Sub printer and it’s been great! I do eventually want to get an actual sub printer though so I can printer bigger things without having to piece it together.

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I almost bought one to convert, but didn’t, sadly :pensive:

You totally should!! :smiley:

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