How to Take a Screenshot on PC or Mac

If you’ve ever been asked to provide a screenshot for the support team to further troubleshoot, but are uncertain on how to do so, this guide will walk you through how to do it on both a PC and a Mac :slight_smile:

PC Tutorial

Option A: Snipping Tool

You will start by opening the snipping tool from the bottom tool bar. Here you can type in snipping tool to bring up the program. This will allow you to take screenshots.

The Snipping Tool will look like this. To start a new snip click on “New”

Then just drag and drop the edges of the snipping tool to be where you need it to capture.

Option B: Print Screen Button

Press the Windows Key + PrtScn (Print Screen). On some devices you may need to do Windows Key + Ctrl (or FN) + PrtScn.

This will save the photo to your computer in a Screenshots folder inside of your Pictures folder.

Mac Tutorial

Taking a screenshot is quite easy on a Mac. All you need to do is press Cmd + Shift + 3 to take a full page screenshot, or Cmd + Shift + 4 to drag and select the portion of the screen you want to screenshot :slight_smile:

You will see the photo go to your desktop automatically.


Super helpful! Thank you Jordyn!

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Wow, had no clue you could take a screenshot on a PC. I love learning new things :slight_smile:

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Oh yes!! It’s super helpful :slight_smile:

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To add on to this for the Snipping tool - if what you need to do is just drop an image into something like Facebook or a chat or email, but you don’t need to SAVE the file, you can just take your snip and then Ctrl+V into whatever you’re pasting into. Once the snip is created, it gets automatically copied to your clipboard.

We use it in Slack at work all the time, I use it for Facebook and emails. It saves me from having 99,001 saved screenshots that I don’t necessarily need.

Yes, that works too! :slight_smile: Usually for support emails we need the file attached to the email, as it’s easier to ensure the files is coming in correctly!

But outside of emails I do copy and paste the most too! :slight_smile:

Useful info on EOF Snipping Tool and its replacement Snip & Sketch.

Plus if you use Firefox web browser on your desktop it has a built-in screen capture utility( can screen cap web pages or parts of them).

Ooh I did NOT know this! Do you know how many screenshots I have saved lol!

there is another screenshot feature in windows 10 i recently discovered. Snip & Sketch
there is shortcut key for this screenshot tool which is Shift+Win+S key

Shift+windows key+s and select the area - and past (ctrl+v) it anywhere - done or i can edit little more on snip & sketch app

it has some extra features/options to select/crop the capture area and add markers and highlighter pens-brushes.

(i just realized it was new tool replacing the old one :sweat_smile: i thought they are different - i didnt remember using the old one much )