How to Unzip a Zip File on your PC

We often provide zip files for our bundles and products. You can unzip a file very easily on Windows without the need for additional software. There are also now apps provided by the Windows store which can assist if you prefer to use a 3rd party application.

The easy way…

download zip

Once you have downloaded the zip it should appear in your downloads section of the PC.

You can then right click on the file and click ‘extract all’

You will then be asked to name your folder and choose where you would like to extract it to. Choose the relevant option and click ‘extract.’

You can now access the files.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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No problem! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I am new to doing this and did about 4 files just fine. I believe I did. When I went to do the next couple down loads it just opened them them directly up. Did not give me the option to extract. What did I do wrong? I can’t find any of the options above. It all looks different now. I must have changed something. This is why computers are for the young. lol.

Hi Nannette, welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: It’s possible the file downloaded was a PNG/JPG/etc and not a zip folder? Do you have a link to one of the products?

Customer service finally got back to me and told me that an OTF file was just a download file. They provided some tutorials so I could understand some of these files a little more. I appreciate you getting back to me in a timely manner and be willing to help. Thank you.


Oh yes, OTF fonts are usually not zipped :slight_smile: I’m happy to hear we were able to help!

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since a otf is not usually zipped, then why it will not let me download it in cricut design space? I am new with all of this but cricut design just keeps saying unsupported file. What do I do?

Hi Angela, you can’t upload fonts to Design Space. You need to install fonts to your device and then use the text tool in Design Space. We have some 86ae531c10d0c0d6ef67c72c2b169b78.

What if I only want to download the kind of files I need instead of all of them? Aren’t SVG files better to use for papercutting and layering? You told me how to make a SVG file, and that is all I want to download. Is there a way I can do just that so I don’t have a bunch of files I won’t be needing?