How to upload only OTF font in iFont

I am using the iFont app to manage my fonts on my iOS devices. It works great! However, I find that it will only work with a ZIP file when selecting a font to be uploaded. I cannot just select an individual OTF font file itself.

Many font ZIP files have both an OTF and TTF font in them. However, when shown the contents of the ZIP for selecting what is to be uploaded, the two fonts are both listed with the same name but no file type.

My question is how do I tell which font in the ZIP file list is the OTF font file? I don’t want to load both fonts as that will take up unnecessary space on my devices.

See attached picture for a sample of the ZIP file selection list for uploading in iFont.

@CJCraftyDesigns - this is an excellent question. Looking at the downloaded file on my MacBook the TTF is listed first. Though, I realize this isn’t going to be the same for every file downloaded.

@alexfrance or @Geoff_B I’m wondering, will it matter which one is installed on iOS devices? Are there apps that support/use the Open Type features?

@Amy_S - thanks for the feedback. I read somewhere that the OTF font was preferable if you have both included. In any case, I just want to install one of the fonts and be able to pick the correct type. I suppose I could edit the ZIP file on my computer and manually remove one of the fonts. But that could be a bit of a pain if I have lots of fonts to upload.

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My Pleasure.

I know with computers, OTF is preferred, as programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator support open type, which allows you to access the extra/alternate characters without needing a 3rd party program such as Character Map or FontBook.

I’m just not certain how it works on iOS devices. I know iOS device can install OTF, but I’m just not 100% certain it is necessary.

Hopefully Geoff or Alex can help determine with certainty. Your workaround sounds perfect, however I can understand that being difficult when dealing with many fonts.

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@Amy_S Thanks!

BTW, I submitted my question directly to iFont support, and included a feature suggestion to append the font file type (in parenthesis) beside each font name listed in the ZIP file font selection window.

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