How to upload via FTP?

How to upload content via FTP?

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My apologies I am not certain what FTP is could you explain what that is? :blush:

It’s File Transfer Protocol. You usually use a program (an FTP client) for uploading files to a server. It’s typically quicker and allows for larger file sizes than uploading the usual way through a web site.

I’m guessing it’s not an option for file uploads?

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@Tamara_S I don’t think this is an option for uploads!

yeah now-a-days it is a security nightmare. you can password protect everything but it would still be a starting point for bad guys to get into directories they shouldn’t. I had to shut down my website I had running for maybe a dozen years because the host site didn’t update the cpanel software and it was used to host malware. my URL got listed as a undesirable/blacklisted.

The FTP means, File Transpfer Protocol
With FTP I upload much faster.
Do you guys have FTP to upload my graphic works?
It’s easy and hustle free and lets me focus on the prodcut other than uploading.

You can’t use an ftp to upload on design/font bundles. You must upload directly on the product creation page.

Yeah, we had a similar issue back in January where we lost complete access to our server… at the same time our hosting service started charging for cpanel (which it used to provide free). Needless to say, we’re using one of their other services for our mail management.