How to use a Cricut machine to cut vinyl

*Cricut Explorer Air and the Design Space program is used.

1- Log into Cricut design space.

2-Click on the new project icon.

3-To create text to cut in vinyl, select the text icon.

4- Type your text. Then click on the font icon.

5- Select the font you would like your text. I am using Black Velvet 2 from

6- Your text is now ready to cut in vinyl.

To cut and image- Click on the image icon.

7-Click on the search icon and find an image.

8- Click on the image you would like. You can search for free images. Once you have picked your image, click insert image.

9- If you would like to use your own image click on the uploads icon. Then click on the upload images option.

10- A new window will open. Click on Browse icon.

11- Select your image.

12- Your uploaded image will appear on the screen. I am using the Pineapple SVG from Click save.

13- The image will now appear in the recently uploaded images. Click on the image, then click on insert image.

14- Your image will now appear on the design space.

15- To select only part of the design to cut in vinyl you can right click and un group your image.

16- You image is ready to be cut in vinyl.

17- As you can see below all these different type of text and images can now be cut in vinyl. Click on Make it.

18- A cut screen will appear. you can see on the left all the different parts of the images to be cut in vinyl. Depending on what colour your images were in the design area, you can hut each part separate.

19- With your machine connected, your next step is to click on the media. To cut vinyl select the premium outdoor vinyl option.

20- Turn the dial on your machine to the vinyl icon. (note if you need to use a specific depth, select the custom option on the dial.)

21-Load your mat with the vinyl on it. Then click on the go button on your machine.

22- The machine will start cutting your designs.

23- As the machine cuts the vinyl there will be a countdown percent on your screen.

24- Your designs are now cut. You can weed the vinyl and use on your projects.


My cricut scares me. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and i still haven’t opened it. With this tutorial maybe I’ll get brave enough to open it this weekend. With everyone being stuck at home, its a good time to do it.


Lana, I totally get you! When I got my Cameo it took me 6 months to take it out of the box as I was so intimidated. It can be trial and error but once you get it you’ll have so much fun! Start by trying to cut with regular paper so you aren’t wasting supplies. There are some great freebies on the website you can give a try first as well Design Bundle Free Designs

Know that if you need any help we are here to help!

There are several Facebook groups that provide tips and tricks and lots of ideas to try - Cricut Craft Life and Cricut for Dummies are 2 good groups

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You can do this! Pick a simple project and set a goal to make it. I suggest iron-on vinyl without letters. I like the iron-on because it all stays in place and its a very satisfying first project. I have a ton of tutorials on my blog and can recommend youtube videos and other sites as well!

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