How to use a pattern that isn’t in your library

I purchased some design bundles patterns but not sure how to either add them to my library or use them in silhouette design. I did accidently click CTRL ? I think once and it moved the pattern from a design onto another design which was cool but it was an accident and I don’t k ow how to do that on purpose. Any advice?

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If you are talking about patterned digital paper that would generally not be used in silhouette design. Those are for other types of things like printed vinyl, sublimation or backgrounds.

I was, darn! I was hoping to be able to use it like patterns in the library but printable vinyl sounds fun! Thank you!

There is a way to use patterns to fill in a design in Studio! You could always type out a design and fill the text with the pattern. Once you do this you could create a print and cut using printable vinyl and then apply to your project.

If you’re interested I am happy to create a tutorial on how to create a pattern fill with our digital backgrounds.


Oh I would love a tutorial!

You can use any of the Studio Editions to complete this :slight_smile:

1- Open Silhouette studio.

2- Go to file - merge.

3- Select the digital paper you would like to use.

4- Your digital paper will appear in your design space.

5- Click on the transform icon and then select the resize option. resize the digital paper so it will fit on your screen for easy use.

6- Select the digital paper and resize to fit onto your workspace ready to print.

7- When printing the digital paper you will need to ensure it is within the guidelines.( eg if you are using an A4 printer you will need to keep your digital paper A4 or smaller.

8- Click on print. Print the digital paper.

9- This is what the digital paper will look like once printed. I used a regular inkjet printer and standard white cardstock.

10- You can also draw shapes and add the digital paper inside it then print and cut.

First create your shape.

11- Place the shape over your digital paper. Click the modify icon to bring up the modify tool

12- Select both shape and digital paper then click on intersect. This will cut out the shape from the digital paper, ready for you to print and cut.

13- You can also do this with text. Insert your digital paper as the steps above. Next type your text and select your font. I am using Black heat.

14- Place the text over the digital paper.

15- Select the modify tool and then with both digital paper and text selected click on crop.

16- The text will be cropped out of your digital paper.

17- Once your shapes/text have been filled with your digital paper you can click on send and print and cut your designs.

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Oh my gosh, thank you!!!

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I use a drag and drop method! Just drag any paper from outside the software into the program and into a shape and BOOM! It fills it for you. Use it all the time particularly when I want to see how elements would look in metallic or glitter! :star_struck:

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Awesome tip Maggie! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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wow ive been using my sihuette for years and never knew you could do this thank you x


Thank you!!!

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