How to use a premade design to decorate a object in the Silhouette Alta

1- Open Silhouette Alta software. Click on the shape icon.

2- Select your shape.

3- Create your shape. If you are going to put a decoration onto a project you have already made, open that instead.

4- Click on the right tab to access the library and your premade designs.

5- Select your premade design. Borders and single flat designs are the best to start with. Double click on it.

6- Click on extrusion.

7- Your premade design will appear on your design space.

8- Right click on your design and copy it.

9- Go back into your first file and right click, then select paste.

10- Your design will appear in your design space.

11- Using the rotation icon, rotate your design so it can be placed flush onto your cube (or premade object).

12- Move the design back so it is flush on your cube.Resize so there is no overlap.

13- Click on the select all icon.

14- Right click and group. This way the software will print as one file, not separate parts.

15- Click on 3D print and the software will slice your design ready to print. Click print.