How to Use Alternate Glyphs in DesignScape

Using Alternate Glyphs/Characters can make your designs have a more unique look! I’m happy to announce that you CAN use fonts with alternate characters in DesignScape! :slight_smile:

First, let’s open up the font! Click File > Open

Then locate the font file that you wish to install and click ‘open’

You’ll get a message that says the font was loaded:

Then you can create a new document. You can hit T on your keyboard to open up the Text Tool, and drag a box like this:

On the right side there is a panel that says ‘Gly’ – this is your Glyphs panel. It will show you all the characters included in a font.

You can also get to this menu by clicking on Window in the top menu bar and then Glyphs.

Select your font in the menu.

Then you can start typing. In this example I chose all alternate characters. All I needed to do was click on the characters in the Glyphs panel for it to show up in the text box.

It’s that easy! :tada:

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Let us know what DesignScape questions you have! :slight_smile:


Great guide! Thank you! :hearts:

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You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh, thank you! This will come in very handy as I just bought some gorgeous fonts with glyphs at the Ultimate $1 Sale!