How to use Alternates and Extras in Procreate using Unicode

Apps needed:

*ProCreate $9.99:

*Unicode $0.99:

  1. Open Procreate and create a new canvas.

  2. Click the wrench in the top left - and select Add Text:

  3. Type your text - click Edit Style to change font.

  4. If you don’t see the font you wish to use in your list, select Import fonts to choose from fonts installed on your device:

  5. Open Unicode app - and select your font:

  6. Tap the letter you wish to use.

  7. Click the square with arrow pointing up in the top right corner:

  8. Click Copy:

  9. Go back to ProCreate and double-tap to highlight letters, use the blue circles to isolate the character you wish to replace, and select paste

  10. Tap wrench to begin export:

  11. Select file type.

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This is a game changer! I had NO idea we could do this in Procreate!! :partying_face:

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Fantastic! Learn something new everyday where Procreate is concerned. :slight_smile: