How to Use An Overlay in Procreate (Version 2)

Here I am going to show you how to use an overlay in Procreate on your iPad!
Version #2 (There are multiple ways you can use an overlay in Procreate.

Step 1 – Open a new artwork.

Step 2 – Draw out your word with your Apple Pencil (or finger).

Step 3 – Click the wrench icon and click insert a file or insert a photo. The option you choose will depend on where your overlay is.

Step 4 – Make sure the word is completely covered by the overlay.

Step 5 – Click the “N” on the new layer you created, this will open options, as you can see it is currently set to Normal.

Step 6 – Click on Lighten.

Step 7 – You can now move your word around! – The color will change if you move the word around and have a watercolor like I did.

VOILA! You’ve just used an overlay!

Watercolor Design I Used

Please share your creations below! :smiley:


Oh wow! I haven’t created an overlay like this yet. Thank you for the tutorial! :slight_smile:

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Not a problem! :hearts: