How to use an SVG in Affinity Designer

Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Select your file.


2- Select the correct file and then open.


3- Your SVG file will appear on the screen. It will appear as one grouped file. and you can move the file as a whole.


4- On the right layers tab, slect the SVG layer. a drop down selection of new files will appear. These are the separate SVG images from the file.


5- Select on one of these individual images in the layers tab. This will not drop down more layers that will break the SVG file up once more into even more different sections.


6- You can also select the file with the select tool.


7- If you select one of the individual parts in the layers tab you will see it appeared selected on the screen.


8- Once selected you can now change the size or even the colour to use in your projects. or save for future use.