How to use Glyphs on Windows PC

Did you know lots of fonts come with extra glyphs? Sometimes these are referred to as swashes, swirls, extras/alternates, and terminology, but they all refer to the same thing - the little extras that come with the font.

To access extra glyphs on a PC you need to open ‘Character Map.’ Depending on your version of Windows you can either search for this using Cortana


Or you can go accessories in the start menu.

Once you open Character Map it should look like this:

Select the font you wish to access by using the dropdown menu, then:

  1. Select Advanced View

  2. Select the group by option and change it to ‘Unicode Subrange’

  3. Select ‘private use characters’:

Here you will now be able to access the extra glyphs of any font on Windows. You can select each character to copy and paste into your favorite program.


Do I need to do this with each font? I wonder if there is a guide for each font.

Hi 9a9e6b7b6c283c0844092d3bbfd020c2 - this process is the same for every font :smiley:

However if you use a program such as Photoshop or Illustrator - there is a built in tool that will allow you to access those a bit easier.

I use BabelMap to access the glyphs on my PC. It works like Character Map, but the characters are bigger and easier to see- and it is more versatile in my opinion. The app is free.


Thanks for the recommendation 7ccb183fa8c36fcb3e7396b06adf921d, I will have to check that out!

Hi dbd886daf9027b95e177adabb682f37f
Thank you for everything
for me this is something useful and now I know from you that applications for accessing glyphs in windows besides character maps there are also BabelMap
I will try it in the future

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If you’re running Windows 10 on a PC, go to the “Microsoft Store” (app store) and search Character Map UWP. I used to use Babel Map, until I found this one. You can see all of your fonts easily and when you click on the font that you want to use, you will quickly see all of the characters that that font offers. You just click on the character that you want, it puts it into a box and under the box, you click “copy”. Then “ctrl v” to paste into design space…easy peasy!


Hi! Did you have any issues with Character Map UWP? I downloaded it and watched a video how to do it and It does not work for me? I tried a few different ways-so just wondering if it worked for you right away?

I’m definitively going to try Character Map UWP and Babel Map. Thanks!!

Yes, it did work right away for me. If you post the link to the video that you watched, I’ll check it out and see if I can figure out why it won’t work for you.

Where are you in design space that you can “ctrl v” and paste? I tried that on the canvas and it didn’t do anything. I usually have to save an image and upload it…

You’ll probably want to be in a text box, with that font already chosen for it to paste the glyph to that font. :slight_smile:

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