How to use Graphic Alphabets in Canva

1- Open Canva and select the design you would like to use.


2- Find a background or design you would like to use your graphic alphabet on. I used the search option to find a chalkboard.


3- Go to uploads and select the upload icon.


4- Select the first letter of the alphabet you would like to use. I am using 5731a055e172a8eb7f5fe35028755ea9 from 2de22aab5d281dbcce40e0ee96361d77


5- Your letter will download and appear in the uploads section.


6- Repeat the above process till you upload all of the letters you need.


7- Select each letter. Once they appear on your design area you can resize and adjust them to write your text.


8-Lastly, select all of the letters and group them together.


The alphabet is SVG, correct?

Those were not, they were PNGs. :slight_smile:

Oh. I thought PNGs were only able to be used for sublimation?

You can use PNGs for a number of different things, print and cut, stickers, sublimation, scrapbooking and more!

Yay! So glad they have more than one use. :slightly_smiling_face: