How to use mock-ups in Canva

1- Open Canva and select your design

2- Click on upload.

3- Click on the upload icon.

4- Select the mock up you would like to use. I am using Interior mock up bundle from

*note - when using mock-ups in canva they need to be either a Jpeg or PNG format as Canva does not support Ps or Ai files. Tho you an convert these files to a PNG in the appropriate software first.

5- Your design will appear in your uploads.

6- Insert into your design. you can now add other files to your mock- up design.

7- For example add a frame onto your mock-up using a stock image.

8-Add a photo on top of the frame.

9- Click on the arrange icon and send the picture to the back, behind the frame.

10- you can use PNG files. Select your mock-up. I am using wall mock up bundle vol 1 from

11- Click on your uploaded mock-up.

12- As you can see the mock up has no background.

13- Adjust the mock up size to fill your design area.

14- Search for a design you want to add to your mock-up or upload one of your own. I am using a design to create a wallpaper background in this particular mock- up.

15- Resize the design to fit your mock up.

16- With the design selected click on arrange and send to back. Your mock up now has a wallpaper background.