How to use Mock ups in SCAL4

1- Open SCAL4 and then click on the file icon.

2- Click Place image.

3- Select the mock up image.

4- Resize and move your mock up.

5- Click on the text icon.

6- Write your text.

7-Select your font. I am using Pampkino from

8- Click on the fill and stroke icon and then fill with colour and change the line colour to match.

9- To grab a shape click on the library.

10- Add a shape to compliment your design if you need too.

11- With the text and shape selected, right click and go to Path - Union.

12- Your design is now welded together.

13- Select the fill and stroke icon and change the colour of your design to match the colour you need for the mock up.

14- Move the image to the mock up.

15- Once you are happy, click on file - export.

16- Select the jpeg option and save your mock up.

17- A new window will appear. Click OK.

18- Your image will appear as below.