How to use mockups in Cricut Design Space

  1. Log into Cricut Design Space and click on new project.

  1. Click on Upload.

  1. Click on upload image.

  1. Click on Browse.

  1. Select your mockup. I am using Business card mockups from

  1. Click the simple image type. Click continue.

  1. Select the advanced options. In the drop down box select unmodified. Click on continue.

  1. Select the print and cut option. Name the file and click save.

  1. Your image will appear on the upload screen.

  1. Select the image and then click on insert image.

  1. Your mockup is now on screen. Here you can use other designs to add to the mockup or you can add your text.

  1. For text, click on the text icon. Type your text.

  1. Select your font. I am using dallon from

  1. In the corner of the of your design area you can click it and the grids will disappear. re click and they will appear.

  1. Select everything. Right click and group.

  1. In Cricut Design Space there is no option to save as a JPEG. To overcome this, you can use a screenshot or clipping programs to clip the design to a JPEG.


This is helpful as I wondered if I could use the mockups with Cricut, but then what, would I just print it on a regular printer?

Huh! I never thought of this possibility. Thanks for the tutorial!!