How to use sketch markers or sketch pens in Silhouette Studio

*Silhouette branded sketch pens were used. You can also use the pen holder and a regular pen to create the same technique.

1- Open silhouette studio. Click on the text tool.

2- Write your text.

3- Select your font. I am using Black kost font and Captain Jack font from

4- Click on the send icon in the drop down box select the sketch option.

5- Next drop down the sketch pen (or pen holder if you are not using a sketch pen.)

6- To place the sketch pen in your machine, turn the clip anticlockwise.

7- Drop in the sketch pan and make sure it goes down fully into the socket. Turn the clip back tight.

8- your design are drawn not cut.

9- If you want to fill the design there are 2 ways. For thin fonts click on the offset icon.

10- Select the external offset. change the size to around 0.003 or thinner to fill the inside.

11- For the thicker fonts, click on the sketch icon.

12- Select advance options. Select the fill option.

13- you can adjust the spacing and angle of the fill pattern.

14- Go to the send screen and make sure that the sketch option and sketch tool is selected. Then click on send.

15- As you can see below The text is filled in .

Find some single line fonts here
(Make sure to read the description of the font to ensure it is made as a single line for sketch pens)