How to use Templates in Affinity Designer

Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open Affinity Designer. Select File > Open.

templates affinity designer 1

2- Select the template you would like to use. With Affinity Designer you can access Ai and Ps template files. Click on Open once selected.

templates affinity designer 2

3- A new box will appear. This will ask you what you would like to do with the file. Select Load all pages (1) and then ensure that Favour editable text (2) is also selected.

Then select OK (3)

templates affinity designer 3

4- Your template will now appear.

templates affinity designer 4

5-In the layers tab on the right (1), you can select the text to change. when you highlight specific text in the layers tab you will see it highlighted on your template (2)

templates affinity designer 5

6- At this point you can even change the size of your text and change the font.


7- If you need to change your background colour select the background layer in the layer tab (1) and then go to your colour wheel and select the colour you would like (2)

templates affinity designer 7

8- You can also change the image texts colour by selecting it in the layers tab, letter by letter and then selecting the in the colour wheel the colour you would like.

This can be repeated for all different images in the file.

templates affinity designer 8

The template used in the above tutorial is from and is called Christmas invitation.