How to use templates in Canva

*Free version used

1- Log into Canva and select the layout/design type you would like to use.

2- Click on layouts. You will see a collection of different layouts for your use.

3- In the canva layout drop down box there are options to choose a canva layout, a team template. Or you can also access any of your own templates.

4- Select your layout.

5- In a premade layout you can select each image by clicking on it.

6- Once selected you can see the whole image.

7- You can enlarge or shrink the image to suit your needs and move to place the part of the photo you would like in the image. Once happy click the tick.

8- You can also select your image and adjust it with the filter option. You can also select the advanced options.

9- Adjust your image further.

10- You can also select an image then click on the trash can and delete the image.

11- There will no longer be an image in the frame where you deleted it.

12- Go to the search bar and pick another image.

13- click on your image and it will appear in the empty space.

14- You can also change the text of your design. click on the text and the text option will appear. Select the font you would like to use.

15- Your text will change. You can move the text around to suit your needs as well.

16- To change the background colour of the text, select it then click on the colour icon. a new little pop up box will appear with different colour options.

17- If you click on the + icon this will bring up the colour wheel and you can pick a colour.