How to use the color picker tool in Affinity designer

How to use the colour picker tool in Affinity designer.

1- Open Affinity Designer.

2- You can see the colour picker tool on the right of your design area.

3- If you select the eyedropper in the colour picker palette you can then click over anything in the design area and select the colour.

4- With the same eye dropper you can select off the software design space. This allows you to select anywhere on your screen, even open your browser and select a colour from a website.

5- To apply a colour to an object, select your shape and then click on the swatch next to the eyedropper.

6- There is also an eye dropper on the left tool bar you can use.

7- When using the eyedropper from the left toolbar you will be restricted to only selecting colour from your design space.

8- Another way to create colours for the eye picker is to select swatches in the colour picker tool. in a drop down box you can create a colour palette from the photo you are using or a different photo you select.

9- Once you select the create a colour palette option a new window will appear. This will have a range of colours that match your image. when you are happy click create.

10- The colour palette will now appear on your right toolbar under the swatches tab .