How to Use the Offset Function in Design Space

Offset is now an option in Design Space! :tada:

  1. First you will need to type with your font. I’ve chosen 409b0d81f47d535d4044fd8754e07e55 as my font today. I then ungrouped the text layer so I could move the letters to be closer together and look how I wanted them too. Once you have the text where you want it, click Offset.

  1. You can play around with the distance you want, depending on the thickness. I chose .25 inches and rounded corners.

  1. This is the end result, and you could stop here if you’d like.

  1. Or you could take it a step further and close up some of the holes. I added some rectangles and covered the inside of the O, R, D.

  1. Then you can select all the rectangles as well as the offset layer, and click weld. This will make all of those shapes combined into one flat layer.

  1. I changed the colors of the layers and now I have a two layer design ready to cut and layer on a 87925a89f9a82c149c8d4780c0b53987 :slight_smile:

For the video tutorial 1a2fd2782011587da0e7e3bc8b65e51a

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Thank you for the tutorial. Very helpful and can’t wait to try this.

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e1dd1cb2d66b4bffa9d704df34f97c9c you’re welcome! I’m happy they finally added this as an option!

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Thank you for the tips. :blush: