How to use the Print and Cut Feature in Design Space

1- Open Cricut design space.

2- Click on upload then click on upload image.

3- Click on browse.

4- Choose the image you would like to use. I am using Cacti with smiling pots bundle from

5- Your image will upload. Click the mod complex option and then continue.

6- Remove any parts of the image you do not want with the magic wand and eraser too once complete click onto the preview button.

7- Check for anything you need to remove. if happy the silhouette is where the cut lines will be.

click continue.

8- You now have 2 options, you have print and cut on the left, or just a cut file on the right. We need the print and cut file so click on it and save.

9- Repeat the above process until you have all the images you need. Select the images you want to print and cut, then click insert images.

10- Once in the design space, resize your images to suit your needs. Then click on make it.

11- In the first screen you will see your images and a black rectangle around them. These are the registration marks for print and cut.

12- In this screen you can also copy the design and create several copies. You can use this function to make use of the media you are using. Click on the project copy icon and select the number of copies. then click apply.

13- You can change the number of project copies to fill the space as much as the preset size will allow. The registration marks will alter to accommodate this.

note- It is good to note that print and cut in CDS3 has a limited area. the max area to use print and cut is 6.75" x 9.25" this may vary depending on the internet browser you are using.

14- You also have a mirror function if you are print and cutting for t shirts etc and using transfer media.

When you are happy click continue.

15- In the next screen you can print your images by clicking send to printer, or if you have already printed them click the I’ve already printed option.

16- When you click on the send to printer a new window will pop up. Select the printer you are using and print.

17- Follow the rest of the prompts to insert your media and cut your images.

The cricut machine will read the registration marks and cut your file.


Thanks for this tutorial. This is something Ive been wanting to try for a while now.

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