How to use the Vector tool in Affinity Designer

1- Open Affinity Designer.

2- Select the vector brush tool.

3- In the top toolbar you have the controller drop down menu. Usually it will default to brush defaults or none.

4- The other options are velocity. This option will affect the brush when you draw dependent on how fast you draw.

5- Pressure option gives you a virtual effect of how hard you would press on a brush. To get this effect after selecting pressure, you need to draw your lines, then select your drawing. Next go to the stroke tab on the color picker and click on pressure. A drop down box will give you a graph and you can adjust the pressure here. It will then appear on your drawn lines.

6- If you select none, the lines will draw as per the brush type and size you select.

7- In the brushes tab you have a drop down box with different brush options. this is where you select the style of brush you would like to use. Textured brushes will give you a paintbrush effect.

8- Image brushes will give you a realistic effect look. for eg chain or rope.

9- you can also change the opacity of the brush. as you can see below the difference between full opacity (black) and the adjusted opacity.

10- When the brush lines are selected you can click on the node tool. this will bring up many nodes on your brush lines which you can adjust.

11- In the stroke tab you can change the thickness/width of your brush after you have drawn it.

12- By selecting the move tool you can select your brush lines and then adjust the size manually.

13- You can also select the colour picker tool from the top toolbar and change the colour of your brush strokes.