How to weed small text when cutting in Silhouette Studio

1- Create your text in silhouette studio.


2- Pick the font you want to cut small. Make sure you choose a text that has curved lines not straight and ensure the text is welded. I have used 307d92878e159b0e40cda7a9dce0322d and ca19336f16a5f83c9cc328ad535f6a6c from e41952df8ff96b40141c78f0a3757e2f


3- Resize to the smallest you would like. Next select the rectangle tool.


4- Create a rectangle around each line of text. This will help you weed the text easier.


5- When cutting small text, slow the speed down on your cutting to around 3-5 max. Also select the cut options.


6- Select the line segment overcut and set it to 0.1mm. then send to the suilhouette machine.


7- When weeding try reverse weeding to lessen the damage of the small text.