HUGE oops

I have been a freelance photographer for 15+ years. I like to think I know what I am doing lol. Of course, I don’t know everything, but I should know to check my settings before shooting. I slack on this because in theory, some settings in my camera should not change unless I physically change them. Well I have been proven wrong. Somehow, some way, image settings changed and all my pics from 3 hours of shooting are at lowest resolution. Basically, they are :poop: Not usable. :woman_facepalming:t3: Not even a little. I have some detective work to do to figure out how that happened!

Anyone else ever made a huge oops like this? I can’t be alone! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent!

Bummer! Ugh I feel like sometimes we all just have those days! I am super clumsy, so I have oops quite often haha

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@Brittany_P thank you for making me feel better! I know I’m not alone! :grin:

Aww sorry that happened!!! You are not alone! I was “cutting on my maker yesterday and no setting or pressure was cutting the paper…:woman_shrugging:t2: Knife blade was not set fulling into its slot. Only took me 20 some attempts before I realized it!!! Hopefully you can retake the shots!!!

Ohhhh bummer :sob: I was working on some designs and had about 5 done. Left the computer without saving to come back to an update that was performed. I know better and it is such a gut wrenching feeling.

Live and learn I suppose :smile:


Oh yes. Most of my huge OOPSes involve Illustrator crashing and me not having saved my doc for a few hours. :see_no_evil:


Oh yes! I’ve done something similar. Went out on a night shoot the previous evening (we were playing with glow lights and fake ghost images), so I had my iso bumped up and my shutter speed way down as I was using a tripod. Grey fox came trotting through my back yard. I grab camera and go on the deck, snapping the whole way. Can you say blown out photos? There was nothing I could do to save them. I’m sure that my wails of grief were heard around the neighborhood.

I feel your pain.

Now I try to remember to reset my camera settings to the usual suspects for me: iso 200, f11, 1/125 and make sure that I’m shooting in RAW before I put it away after a session. The settings might not be the best for what I’m shooting, but I might be able to save them later. The only time I’ve shot in jpg lately was attempting star trails.


I suppose we are all our own worst enemy sometimes!


Ooh I do feel your pain. It’s good to have a rant about it though (and a bit of self-kicking im sure). :hugs:

Lots of self kicking! :grin:

Aww I know that was tough!!! So sorry!!! Seeing something so beautiful in nature and trying to capture it…sigh :pensive: Hopefully little fox will visit you again!!!

Thanks! He or she has impeccable timing and always appears when I can’t grab my camera and dash out of the door to snap a photo. One of these days though, I’ll get a good photograph of Grey. Yes, we named the fox, although it might be two foxes. We think there might be a den in the woods behind our shed.

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Aww I would named him/her too!!! All creatures need a name :paw_prints: Funny little furbaby!!!

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Your so welcome! Hot mess express over here, you are TOTALLY not alone :wink:

That is so cool that you have foxes near you!