I can't find my purchases

I have been looking for half an hour for my account and my previous purchases, no luck and no one seems to be online to help me. Is anyone here that can help?

When you are on the DB or FB site, look in the very top right corner for your profile picture. If you hover over it, you should see where you can click for your purchases and plus purchases. Hope that helps!

Hello Eileen!
It sounds like you may have a secondary account if you are unable to find your previous purchases. I recommend contacting customer support by emailing bca16895986dfb31aea1f2b19c1054fd and they will be happy to assist you! :smiley:

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If you keep copies of your purchase records, you can look at them to see; what you purchased, who and when you purchased them from, and. what account(s) you purchased them through.
If you don’t already keep your records, it’s a great help when vendors close down their sites, or artists stop selling from a particular site and you need to get updates or have questions for the artist. Having proof that you actually did purchase any item(s) from them.

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