I can't find this beautiful font...plz help!

I just found this site after watching hundreds of YouTube videos. When I was first looking through the site I went through all the $1.00 Deals and then I was all over the site, so I don’t remember where I saw it. Stupid me forgot to add it to Favorites because I was so busy looking at and purchasing a bunch of stuff for Christmas.

It was an editable/personalizable font that started with a heart then followed by a ~ then attached to a name then another ~ and a heart, then another ~ and a name and ended with ~ and a heart.

So <3~Danny~<3~Beth~<3

Does anyone know who the designer is? I’ve used every phase and wording I could think of and I can’t find it.

Was it Oh Juliya?

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I believe that might be it but for some reason, I thought I could use it by just adding it to my other windows fonts in the fonts folder. Is this not possible? Do I need a special software program?

You would install this just like any other font :slight_smile: I think you might be looking for the alternate characters though – there are 26d658c7f621595e484f287ad1d1ed09 on how to access that depending on the device you’re using.

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Thank you so much for your help. I’ll read up this now.

Most probably Oh Juliya but you can get the lines with Shinesy Swash 1 and 2.

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that’s a pretty font , going to find it now

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