I do not understand the commercial use license

I thought that I could buy designs and use them straight as POD but now I find out I can’t. If I am paying for them, I do not understand why. Can someone please explain?


Hi Kim,

Great question! Print on Demand sites are intended for artists and original creators to put their own designs on products to sell. So, to be able to use someone else’s art that you’ve purchased from our site, you do need to use a significant amount of your own artistic skills to:

  1. Edit and alter the original image

  2. Add your own text and graphic elements.

  3. Overlap text, graphics elements over original design – to create that new and unique design of your own that in no way competes with the original artists design.

You are not allowed to send an as-is design to any POD site or any outside party (printer, manufacturer, etc.) to have them create any final physical products. You will need to edit these designs following our a1a303e17451af019ba9410e9e3e9f1c.


This is something that’s confusing to me. I’ve written to DB in the past, and it seems like books are included as POD- I was given examples of what is acceptable or not as far as using backgrounds and patterns for book covers. But then why Does the license treat books separately?
" Commercial use limited examples include:

Use of web fonts up to a total 100,000 page views per month.
Use of products in eBooks/printed book titles up to 10,000 sales a month."

Hi, ok I understand if you are purchasing different items to then create a new design from those items as this would take some skill and time to create but what about items that are clearly complete finished designs and are virtually impossible to alter? as an example what about this 6e97978822c037f8e2f8573bec4b3a55

Is there any special provision for these items that are sold as completed designs? What are we allowed to do with these? Is there a different licence that allows us to sell the item as is? I totally except you cannot sell the items digitially but what about prints? canvases? etc

Why does the seller sell it like this if we then cannot use them to sell to clients?

Many thanks for your help

Hi Neil,

It mostly comes down to are YOU the person making the finished product or is someone else? If you are physically printing the prints out on your own, then yes you can use it as is.

If you are taking a design file and giving it to a printer, a manufacturer, or print on demand site to make the finished product then you do need to alter the designs.

Many crafters use SVG files to make physical products and they use the designs as is. Since they are the one cutting the vinyl and making the shirt, that is okay to do.

Not every design on the marketplace is able to be transformed enough.

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Hi JordynAlisonDesigns,

Thank you for the reply. We do print many of our products but with canvases it makes much more sense for us to use a company who specialise in providing canvas prints as they simply have the expertise to print them.

So effectively even if I ordered 5 copies to be printed and had them delivered to me to then sell at a fair or online are you saying that would not be permissable simply because I hadn’t physically created or made the canvas?!

Also if I added a small part of personalisation to the original design for a family adding their name and a date would that would be enough of a change to allow me to have it printed!? I assume not?

Is there any licence available that provides some flexibility on this?

Many thanks for your guidance