I have the same problem as well

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I’ve noticed the same thing regarding seeing SVGs multiple times. I couldn’t figure it out because sometimes it almost repeats half of the previous page. I thought it was my iPad, so tried using my PC, but the same thing happens. It is most aggravating to click on a product and be bumped all the way back to page 1. I would say that is my biggest gripe.


Hi, Stacey. Thank you for reinforcing my argument. I’ve been pleading against this “bumping to the first page” for the past two years …

Regarding the duplicates, I discovered that we have to “refresh”/reload each page in order for them to disappear (obviously this doesn’t make sense …).

The situation has deteriorated further due to the latest changes in the PLUS Collection pages because this meant restricting the number of available pages to only 139 (5000 products). The “order by” doesn’t work either. Personally, I don’t bother anymore withe PLUS Collection until it’s fixed and reverted to its previous state. If it’s not, I’ll have to dropout. I can’t work like that, I’m sorry to say …

I have had the same problem as well. Double designs, as well as the pages reverted back to page 1 once I click back from an individual file. I plan on discontinuing the Plus Membership, because of this and also there isn’t enough Plus items I want, for all the credits I have.

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