Ideal laptop suggestions

I’m considering an upgrade to my current laptop I work off of.

If you could build/buy your perfect computer, what would you get?

Outside of graphic use, basic internet surfing, and microsoft office plus virtual meetings like Zoom is all I use it for.


I purchased the HP ENVY 17.3" Laptop over a year ago which has a 1TB drive and 12GB of memory. It is a little bigger than others if I need to haul it but I love having the larger screen for a laptop! If you are looking for smaller they have smaller versions of the Envy as well. Another pro, I love the touch screen!

I thought about a MAC but didn’t know if I had the time to learn a new operating system since all I have ever owned aside from an iPad is a PC.

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I was a Windows user for most of my life. I switched to the MacBook Pro almost 2 years ago. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I was slow on it for the first week, but it didn’t take along at all to learn :smiley:


I second Amy’s vote for a Macbook Pro. I’ve been a Mac user for a good 10-12 years. Had a 21" Mac, then got the Macbook Air when they first came out, and last Spring I got the Macbook Pro. 2TB SSD drive, 32GB of Memory (grab as much memory as possible - if you use Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop, the more memory, the better).

Mine is a 2018 refurbished unit directly bought from Apple’s website. It saved me roughly $800 vs buying one new from them. This thing was/is brand new. And it’s been through their full QA twice (when it was first built and when it was returned/refurbished). It’s awesome. I will never go back to Windows.


Mac isnt an option because some programs i run wont work and i dont want to mess with emulators and partitions etc.

I will look at the hp envy.

What are the main software programs which you use? The majority of software have mac versions which run just as good as on windows if not better.


I love my Windows Surface book! It has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB Ram and NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card so it runs Adobe software like a dream.
It also has a detachable touchscreen and stylus so it’s great for using as a tablet for drawing/designing.


Dell, Trust me :slight_smile:

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But I have a question
is there any android tablet good as ipad PRO?

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Base-Model MacBook Pro 16 here.

I personally love the Air and used it for many years - it’s hard to get past the thin, lightness of it whilst also feeling unbelievably ‘solid’ - the screen-size was the trade-off and reason for going bigger, as the Air does get a bit cluttered in some apps.

I do see what you mean about app compatibility which was always my concern pre-Mac, but since going Mac I’ve never actually found it a hindrance :slight_smile:


I have a MacBook Pro 13in, from around 2016.


I swore I’d never buy a Macbook, used to use a Mac at work many moons ago, but didn’t like it at all, plus the cost was just so prohibitive for a long time.

But after going through about 5 windows laptops in a few years, I took the plunge. And so glad I did.
Absolutely the best computer I ever had, and it’s still going very strong (touch wood). Love it.

I use Photoshop CC on it extensively, then do a lot of work online, then use the usual programmes like email, also Evernote, a simple SVG vectorizer etc, and it all runs very smoothly.


I have a HP but I recently bout an Acer to use to work from home…My HP is amazing but my Acer is a gaming device so I feel like it will be great for creating and crafting as well.


Dell is my go to laptop


I went to a local computer fix it shop and bought a refurbished Dell pro 17 in laptop for an unbelievable price and it has all the programs already installed and I have had zero issues. I personally have had bad luck buying brand new computers so I gave this a go over a year ago now.


No, a thousand times no! :slight_smile: I am a PC/Dell person through and through, but my iPad Pro, which is something like 5 years old, (ancient in the world of computing) still is nimble and fast. I have had 3 or 4 Android tablets and they just get bogged down and never recover after about a year of hard use.

BTW my laptop is a Dell XPS-15, modded a little to suit my needs (max memory, secondary hard drive, but had to install a smaller battery to make room for the hard drive). Runs everything my much heartier desktop will, no sweat.


Definitely MacBook Pro. I have an iMac, too, and can swap and change because of the iCloud function.
If I’m working on something on one device, I can open it in another. Also, I can view the files on my iPhone, too.
If I’ve been working on a Pages document (Apples versión of Word) I can keep tying on my phone or iPad.

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I’d get an Acer Nitro 5 with a large SSD drive.

I got a gaming laptop, as I figured a good graphics card would also help with digital artwork. It’s got an SSD drive (much faster and Photoshop runs smoothly), but I’ve heard of some gaming laptops having issues with graphic design stuff before (mine hasn’t though). It even has backlit keys so I can work in the dark more easily (when hubby’s sleeping). The only thing is because I didn’t have a huge budget, I got one with a 256GB SSD. That isn’t enough when you work in graphic design and you like gaming. So I’d say get a laptop if you can with a larger drive (so you don’t have to rely on portable drives).

Why a laptop? Do you travel or need it for both work and home? (Yeah, everyone says I’ll use it in bed and get work done on the go, but they mostly sit on a desk never to move.)
If you don’t need it for on the go you can get way more computer in a desktop then a laptop and it would be upgrade-able. Better GPU, CPU more RAM more HDD/SSD space later.

I’d build one.
AMD Ryzen 7 or better Intel i7 or better
16GB RAM, more is better
1TB SSD start-up drive & 2 TB HDD for storage
4k Monitor
A good mechanical keyboard and mouse, maybe a Drawing tablet or Video Drawing tablet.

My Lenovo has 32GB RAM 1TB SSD and a 2 TB HDD. But I do travel and it is my current back-up system as I’m waiting on a new Motherboard for my desktop. It has an AMD Ryzen 7 64GB of RAM an older GPU. 1TB SSD, 6TB HDD, and two 2 TB HDDs. Blu-ray optical drive for backups. And I have a XP-Pen 15.6 Pro. If I could afford a Mac (and I was a die-hard Mac addict) I still wouldn’t buy one, today.


You can use Pages (Numbers & Keynote) on Windows too, just log into your iCloud account via the web.