If you could only choose one script font and one regular font to design with, what would you pick right now?

I know it’s a loaded question (I have many I could choose from) but you can only choose one of each :smiley:

I would pick Kite Script and Night in Paris


Only one?! :open_mouth: That is a tricky one… :thinking:


These are my choices – but my favorites change weekly, so ask me again next week and it’ll likely be different haha!!


And for a print - I think I’d have to go with

Seriously Though


Haha I know @Stephanie_J … Pick one font said no one ever!!! :rofl:


Ohhh I love those @Amy_S. :heart_eyes:

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I think I would go with Samantha Craft

and Garlic Butter


@Kathryn_W I had to look up Samantha Craft! Pretty cool I didn’t know that was available! I have always loved the original Samantha Font, it is so elegant! Garlic Butter is also a fave font of mine!


I love both of these!

I have so many favorites I’m not sure I could choose!


I know I probably should have picked my own fonts - but I actually don’t use them often, I’m too critcal of them! haha.


Ohhhh so many choices, such a hard decision!!

I just found this gorgeous font with butterflies:

and this beautiful new script font:

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Hi, new here …

Fonts / Typefaces are like Lays Potato Chips, you can’t just have one!
I bounce around and don’t always stick to one font.
Mostly design for self, family & friends, I am not a seller, but maybe in the future.
Anybody else have a wish list over 100 pages here at FB/DB?

I do keep coming back to these though …

“Me and my dog script font” by Ana’s Fonts (unfortunately, not on FB). - Cutie Script category

“VelvetBerries” by Emily Spadoni - Modern Romance category + love the left & right options!!

“Sigarette” by Dawn Creative - Cursive Handwriting category … so smooth!!

"HVD Comic Serif Pro™ by HVD Fonts (unfortunately, not on FB). - Chunky Slab category

“PN Tomato Sass” by Illustration Ink - Cursive Quirky category

“Merry Hamida” by GRAPHICPRESS - Autograph Upright category

“Crasher Script” by Queentype - Paint Brush Script category

“Kitsor Rauttie” by Breakline Studio - Sophisticated Romance category

“Aire” Family by Lian Types (unfortunately, not on FB). - Wedding Serif category

“Vonique 43” by Sharkshock - Super Sleek & Chic Sans category

“Minute” by PintassilgoPrints (unfortunately, not on FB). - Cutie Print category

“Dream Only | Handwritten Font”" - Signature Category

“Tectonica” family by Untype (unfortunately, not on FB). - Elegant Bold Display category

“Fulmoon serif font” by By Babii Design - Artistic Fun Serif category

“Absolutely Adorable Sophia” by By Blessed Print - Sophisticated Elegance category + love all the weights!

and Sailor B Script font" by https://fontbundles.net - Lovely Letting category

So many wonderful fonts!!! This could go on forever, I understand why you said one. My apologies for deviating.


Two that spring to mind are Caprizant:

and maybe Wallington Pro:

Both would be likely to be extremely clear/easy to read at a small size.


I really like both of those unfortunately they are currently out of my price range. I’m going to be keeping my eye out for these though for free or nearly free. :smirk:


Love these


Hi @Amy_B3! Love those choices and I’ll let it slide on the rule breaking haha! It really isn’t fair to ask anyone to only choose one font! :rofl: :heart:

The top pne os so gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

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I love bohema spirit!


@Amy_B3 – These are great and many are new to me. I also love your categories – gives me ideas to use as tag/keywords for my collection.

I wasn’t aware of either of these, thanks for sharing.

I like Typehill’s Austin Script: https://fontbundles.net/typehill/43825-austin-script#gtmPos=3&gtmList=15

and Solidtype’s Alesand: https://fontbundles.net/solidtype/99690-alesand-7-fonts#gtmList=14&gtmPos=1

These days my favorite category is signature fonts.There are so many gorgeous ones out there, however, I have yet to use one in a design/project (or at least it’s been awhile).



But that’s the fun we don’t have to choose just one :heart_eyes: