Illiterations for books

A question for those that write books. Where do you get your illustrations? I’m wanting to write some children’s books, but I am not sure where to find an illustrator. If I could do graphic art myself I would love to do it, but I’m not really that talented.

If you do your own. What software do you use?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve been using DB for the watercolor animals and flora/fauna — I sorta make my story fit what I can find. My books are for my grandchildren. I do my own hand binding.

I use WORD/Canva and Acrobat to create the book parts.

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This is great. I bet your grandchildren love them❤️ If I We are a family of writing and creating together. We have several homemade books:)

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Hi 0f7898a0ffa0d09a7303cf1cabf604e0, to find illustrators you might try doing a search on Facebook for something like ‘Illustrators Group”. I saw a few that came up when I searched that and perhaps there is one that will fit your needs. I found this one that looks like a good possibility. ‘ Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market’ group. Hope that helps!

Thank you itaya and all. I do not use social media programs so I will need to do a deeper search on Google to see what else I can find. I’m trying to talk my son into doing it since he’s getting into the field of graphic design. :grin:

oh how fun to write children’s books!

Great question this is of interest to me too