Infusible ink positive and negative a cool design


          I really enjoy this cute design, I take the try using it with  cricut infusible ink sheet on polyester dry fit  tshirt,  [The Doodle Animal Bundle ](

Regards Carmen


What a great idea! :heart:

Very cool indeed :smiley:

Wow!! Love these :heart_eyes:
I really need to learn more about infusible ink. Did you find it easy to work with?

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Awesomesauce! :heart_eyes:

Yes, It is easy working with it, but you. must follow all the instructions from cricut help support
Regards Carmen

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Awww this is just sooooo cute!! I can see doing this for our twin grandkids! Absolutely adorable :purple_heart:

That looks great! :heart_eyes:

Great way to get the most out of each roll!

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I’m happy to help if you have any questions :grin:

Thanks! Glad to be here!

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So cute! I love it! Need to try this!

I haven’t used the infusible ink yet. Does it only work on Cricut brand products such as shirts and mugs? I hope someone can fill me in. I like the look infusible ink !:blush:

Essentially, infusible in sheets are like pre printed sublimation sheets, which means you can use them with any sublimation blanks :slight_smile: