Installing downloaded fonts for Android devices?

How do I install the fonts on my Android device so I can use them in Cricut Design Space?


Following this! I would like to know as well. Currently I’m using the Phonto app to create the text as a png and then uploading as an image. Too many steps!


Hi Cheryl! Sorry for the delayed response :cry: It seems I missed your question.

Currently Android operating systems aren’t set up to install fonts on their devices. You would need a PC, Mac or iOS device (iPad or iPhone) to download and install them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember setting up fonts on my previous Android phone using a font manager app. The issue is that most are either designed specifically for Microsoft Office, or as system fonts for Samsung devices.

Oh really! That is interesting. Do you happen to remember the app name?

Unfortunately not right now. I tried looking in my Android library last night, but the Play Store doesn’t give a good way to sort and filter them (I have the same beef with Gmail!!)… If I find them, I’ll post here.

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Thank you! I am an iPad girl but I am trying to find out any information I can so I can help users who are on Android devices :slight_smile:

LOL! yeah, there are a lot of reasons creatives tend to migrate towards Apple products. I’ve not been on a Mac much since before MacOS 8, but I’ve had no issue with Windows creative apps.
That said, most mobile development starts on iOS and iPadOS because there are fewer variables to worry about (device hardware compatibility, manufacturer specs and overlays, carrier restrictions and overlays…)
Our household has spent enough time as tech support geeks that we prefer as heterogeneous a home network as we can afford :sunglasses:

There’s an how-to online for Android, but it appears to only work for changing the system display font (something built into Samsung devices and a few other Android devices). Most other how-tos require the user to either root the device (which can void its warranty) or install a third-party launcher (which can, for example, make your Android phone look like a Windows phone or an iPhone - though those are not the launchers that are suggested).

My current searching suggests that the ability to personalize the Android experience (short of rooting or third-party launchers) has become increasingly limited as one moves into later and later versions of Android (my previous device was running Oreo; my current device is running Pie. Devices running Android 10 do not support system font changing at all, except through manufacturer-specific interfaces).

Microsoft Word on my Android phone seems to understand only Microsoft’s default fonts (I haven’t figured out a way to download my other typefaces into Word yet), and Design Space seems to understand only the system fonts (e.g., Roboto). I’ve tried loading font files into various system font directories, but have run into an issue with my system thinking every file is a Garmin Connect course file :frowning:

I’m pretty sure there’s another workaround somewhere, but I don’t remember what it is and I don’t know if Google deliberately broke it…

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